September 28th - October 28th 2017
@HERE (145 6th Ave, New York, NY)

From the New York Innovative Theater Award nominated team behind "Fatty Fatty No Friends" comes a new musical about hope, family, whiskey, and reconciling the dreamer within.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
 a land where the whiskey is always flowing

 Here people live in blissful peace
under the tenure of Whiskey Pants,
their beloved Mayor.

Since “The Event”,
they’ve found it’s dangerous to dream,
leaving most to prefer to live their days in a drunken stupor.

But now,
their way of life is threatened
by a weary wanderer from the outside world
who seeks to sober their perpetual hangover
by aligning with a young ambitious painter
who faces her own life-altering choice:
Give up on her dreams and embrace a carefree life…
or lose her father, the powerful Mayor of Williamsburg.

Will they ruin everything?
Or will they discover
that in Williamsburg,
it’s easier to drink?

at Frigid New York

The world behind Whiskey Pants