ChristiaN dE gRé
A Drink with DEATH vOL. ii

254 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019

friday, february 2nd @ 9:30pm

Burton-esque, funny and heartbreaking, dark and light hearted, old school yet completely modern
— Manhattan with a Twist

New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee Christian De Gré (Fatty Fatty No Friends) returns to Feinstein’s/54 Below with the second chapter of his dark and twisted, macabre and hilarious immersive song cycle about the trials and wonders of death.

Starring a mix of Broadway veterans, Mind The Art Entertainment all stars and fresh new souls, A Drink with Death leads a group of curiously morbid travelers on a journey to the underbelly of  the underworld. Greeted by the mythical Mexican ambassador of death, La Muerte, and her lovable sidekick, El Diablito, travelers will be treated to the cries of a handful of lost souls who, faced with their own demise, must plead their case and await final judgement. Hailed as “Burton-esque, funny and heartbreaking, dark and lighthearted, old school and yet completely modern,” join in the drunken celebration of our very own mortality.

Featuring performances by:
Mollie Craven
Charly Dannis
Matthew Johnson Harris
Claudillea Holloway
Amy Jo Jackson
Josh Jacobson
Tara Martinez
Caitlin Mesiano
Tony Mowatt
Dean Cestari
Eric Michael Parker
Vinnie Urdea

Featuring lyrics from works by:
Joseph Reese Anderson
R. Patrick Alberty
Joe Kurtz
Serrana Gay
Chuk Obasi

Hosted by Robb Moreira as La Muerte
Music direction by Trevor Pierce

La Muerte Costume by Ashley Soliman
Makeup Design by Kate Marley
Makeup application by Renee Bandes
Produced by: Beth & Barry Fischer, Christian De Gré, Patrick Alberty & Thomas Michael Culhane

De Gre’s macabre songs are impressible sombre and earnestly spirited
— NY Theater Now
Evokes Burton’s “Nightmare”, a creepy-carnival vibe. Simply put it’s twisted and wonderful
— Time Out New York
Haunting and gut-wrenching
— Theater is Easy
Like Godpsell on acid. A breathtaking mix of spoken word and musical complexity
— Broadway World
When something different arrives, you take note. De Gré’s music is just that. Different, proud and exciting to hear
— Theater in the Now
De Gré’s exquisite music is in a galaxy all its own
— HYreviews