Mariel Lowe - Dancer & Cellist

Mariel Lowe

What are your influences?

My mentor, friend and choreographer, Robert Wood. Good friends. My brother. Ballet. Vague and obtuse conversations about chance procedure. Wine.

What do you find inspiring?

People mostly. We are such odd and beautiful creatures. I experience so much awe, joy, amusement, confusion and many other feelings thanks to the friends and strangers I have the pleasure of interacting with. The balance of structure or form and freedom or unhindered expression also fascinates me.

Tell us a funny story about yourself.

This isn't really a story...more of a funny fact. I like tiny utensils. Mostly tiny spoons.  They are best employed on foods in large an entire bowl of instant pudding...or a batch of cookie dough....



October 24, 2014 - November 2, 2014
The Club at La MaMa E.T.C.
Exploring the thread of creation & inspiration The Dream Vault Cycle brings together over fifty multidisciplinary artists from opposing aesthetics. Their combined talents create unique multi-media performances exploring the evolution of a creative idea and the interpretation of its seed value as it journeys from art form to art form.