Robb Moreira- Writer & Performer


This is an interesting question just because I've never been asked it.  Thinking about it now though, I have several different influences that power my work. Music is probably the biggest influence in terms of writing as what I choose to listen to, usually has sets the tone for the work. For example, last November I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and my novel had points where you read the life of the protagonist and the antagonist in different chapters. For this to work, I had to listen to two very different bands that set a different tones in my mind which let me think as the characters would.

Besides music, cartoons are my next biggest influence. Looney Tunes, especially. Cartoons in general show no fear for the sake of comedy and being silly. I aspire to be a living cartoon and as silly as I want to be. No filter (Cue the anvil drop on my head.)


The way I see it, if your mind is truly open, anything can be inspiring. The way coffee looks in a mug. The small beads of condensation that drip down the curves of a bottle of Coke in the Summer. The feeling in your skin when the first cold air of winter begins to crawl up your arms. The look of an abandoned building during the day... and at night. I keep my mind working 24/7 and I leave myself open to anything and everything. I let the world inspire me. The world is a fountain of ideas and all one needs to do is grab a drop and turn it into your own personal river of genius... yea... that sounds cool.


A funny story. Hmm. I don't really have too many. Well, I guess this could be seen as a funny story. For about 3 years, I played a character by the name of Griselda in a play created and put out by MTAE. I was dressed in drag, not like RuPaul though, think more along the lines of the crazy old Hispanic grandmother that lives uptown. I maintained a full beard and let my hair loose to create this larger than life exaggeration of a woman. After playing her for so long and slapping on that fake bra, bright blue eye shadow and HEAVY blush... there is still a little part of her that is still with me. I miss her sense of adventure and willingness to love unconditionally, even though her love was geared to a pig. Griselda was equal parts adorable and absolutely bat-shit crazy. I miss her... even though I created her... this story got weird. I need a therapist.


October 24, 2014 - November 2, 2014
The Club at La MaMa E.T.C.
Exploring the thread of creation & inspiration The Dream Vault Cycle brings together over fifty multidisciplinary artists from opposing aesthetics. Their combined talents create unique multi-media performances exploring the evolution of a creative idea and the interpretation of its seed value as it journeys from art form to art form.