This series of 8 short films focuses on dancers and movement-makers at home, each telling a unique story in their own, personal environment, with a new film coming to you every Friday.

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Why dance?

Dance has had an evolutionary role in my life. It started as an after school activity to the constant form of expression I kept returning to over the years. I found myself captivated by the way our bodies can share something beyond what words can say. For a time, I struggled with finding my identity solely as a "dancer", but I am beginning to realize it is a tool to express my voice and share that freedom with others as I have experienced in healing my mind, body, spirit and soul.

What's it like living in NYC?

NYC is a one-of-a-kind place. There's nothing quite like it. 
There are good days. There are bad days.
It makes you appreciate the little things even more so.
Everyday is a new chance to do something that matters to you in a place that is floating with so many opportunities and the exciting energy that the city carries. 

How would you describe your apartment?

BIG, which is rare for New York City. Our living room is big, our bathroom is big, my room is big. My room has a section that I call my "dance space" because there is extra space to move around. It's a treat to come home to.

How would you describe the home/apartment you grew up in?

I grew up in a suburban dream home of a front and backyard, garage, spacious living room, homey dining room, great kitchen, my own room and bathroom with another four bedrooms with a cat. Since I am from Southern California, the sun was shining majority of the time with perfect weather regularly. The view from our backyard was a vast set of hills and a great view of the sunset. When I moved to NYC, I realized this view was such a treat to grow up with.

What was your experience of filming Home Bodies?

Although we did not film in my apartment, it was a treat to find a roof with the blue sky in the backdrop, brisk morning air and a smaller setting. It felt like a combination of my upbringing and life in New York City merging together. I also appreciate the process of being collaborate with others and finding a happy medium where all parties can contribute something that we could not do on our own. When we work together, there are so many exciting possibilities! Big thank you to this team of incredible talent xo


Devin Oshiro was born and raised in the Los Angeles, CA region. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from California State University of Fullerton where she performed works by Mike Esperanza and Jiří Kylián. Devin was a member of Entity Ultra Contemporary Company and Mosaic’s Urban Poets, which has given her the opportunity to choreograph and perform in Scotland, Germany, Japan and Singapore. Since moving to NYC, Devin has been a company member of Summation Dance, Bare Dance Company and Delirious Dances. Additionally, she has performed works by Maija Garcia, Patrick Corbin, Brice Mousset, Keely Garfield, Mariangela Lopez and more. Devin is also the marketing and design director for Awakening Movement, a faith-based dance organization. In 2015 she joined Gibney Dance Company as a full-time Artistic Associate. As a member of GDC, Devin facilitates movement workshops in domestic violence shelters and is currently directing the Dancer’s Economic Empowerment Program (DEEP), which identifies the vulnerabilities dancers face in their career timeline and equips them to make sound financial and career management. She is grateful for all the opportunities she has experienced thus far and excited for what's to come...

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