Fatty Fatty No Friends @ The C.O.W.

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Fatty Fatty No Friends @ The C.O.W.

from 30.00

Critic's Pick by Time Out New York / FringeNYC Excellence Award winner & Official ENCORES selection.

The Celebration of Whimsy
21 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002.

Doors open 30 minutes prior to curtain with full bar.

Fatty Fatty No Friends is the story of a kid. 
The skinny kids hated him, no matter what he did.
They taunted him until he took revenge without amends.
It was a tasty lesson for Fatty Fatty No Friends.

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FATTY FATTY NO FRIENDS tells the story of Tommy, an overweight kid struggling to get through that most wretched time of life: childhood. Days, weeks, and years of teasing from his schoolmates have taken their toll on the mild-mannered boy, yet still he tries to continue on as best he can. But when the people he thought were his friends join in with the others, will he be able to forgive them...or will he snap?

This dark operetta premiered August 15th, 2014 at the Flamboyán at The Clemente, as part of the New York International Fringe Festival where it played to sold-out audiences and received rave reviews for the duration of its run.

The cast features:  Aaron Butler, Mollie Craven, Charly Dannis, Christian De Gré, Jessica Rose Futran, Jeffrey Hodes, Mattie Kaiser, Darcie Kozlowski, Aaron Patterson, Jason Sofge, Mia Moretti Thomas, Vinnie Urdea, and Malcolm Jenkins Yancey.

This award winning production was conceived and directed by Mind The Art Entertainment's Artistic Director Christian De Gré with Associate Director R. Patrick Alberty and features Musical Direction by Aaron Butler. FATTY FATTY NO FRIENDS features original music & orchestrations by De Gré (2015 FRIGID New York Audience Favorite Award Winner.), lyrics by Joseph Reese Anderson and is based upon the original story by author Serrana Gay. The show features costume design by Ashley Soliman (2014 FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award winner), make-up design by Kate Marley and created by make-up artist Louiza Diavolitsis, and lighting design by Betsy Chester. Produced by Christian De Gré, R. Patrick Alberty & Serrana Gay.