ChristiaN dE gRé
@ 54 BELOW

Fri, july 22nd @ 11:30pm

De Gré’s operettas (similar in style to Sondheim) are the perfect answer to the accusation that there is no new musical theater of quality being made
— OffTheBeatenTrackTheater

From the dark and twisted mind of critically acclaimed composer Christian De Gré comes a musical journey spanning through a mythical Mexican Jungle, a permashloshed back alley of post apocalyptic Williamsburg, a homeless encampment for the impotent, an 18th century Parisian nightmare, and the viceral insides of a vengeful school yard murderer. Featuring selections from the award winning Mind The Art Entertainment productions by composer Christian De Gré and his collaborators experience the music behind "Fatty Fatty No Friends," "Whiskey Pants: The Mayor of Williamsburg, "Storytime with Mr. Buttermen," "Beware the Chupacabra," "Jack of Hearts, Master of None," "Spellbound," "A Drink with Death," "Beyond the Horizon," "Moonshine in B Minor" and "The Vice of Berthe."

De Gre’s macabre songs are impressible sombre and earnestly spirited
— NY Theater Now
Evokes Burton’s “Nightmare”, a creepy-carnival vibe. Simply put it’s twisted and wonderful
— Time Out New York
Haunting and gut-wrenching
— Theater is Easy
Like Godpsell on acid. A breathtaking mix of spoken word and musical complexity
— Broadway World
When something different arrives, you take note. De Gré’s music is just that. Different, proud and exciting to hear
— Theater in the Now
De Gré’s exquisite music is in a galaxy all its own
— HYreviews